aloha 6.17.png

The journey to adding my art to the expansion into the modern style of calligraphy was kick started by a last-minute request for help with some wedding tags and signage. Utilizing mainly italic calligraphy, all previous requests and custom work were done with little embellishment. 


Flash forward to social media and the bride's request for similar writing as shown on her "Pinterest" board and thus began my adventure into "modern calligraphy." After their wedding in early January 2016, I decided to further explore the new lettering art and delved into many of its current forms. I quickly learned that this new style really incorporates a person's current style of writing and entails as many rules as the artist wants to use in contrast to the more formalized rules of the older styles of calligraphy.


I spent a couple of months developing my own style and decided to see if I could incorporate my love of painting and calligraphy into custom pieces. The use of Mary Kawena Pukui's compilation of Hawaiian proverbs in her book, "'Olelo No'eau," was a wonderful resource to fit the proverb to the artwork. Hawaii is so full of beauty not just in environment, but in its language and culture, and the Hawaiian proverbs bring the artwork to life. Utilizing primarily metallic acrylic paints on oil painted canvases, modern calligraphy is highlighted and customized. 

My love of all things floral continues and I have also recently added custom resin art, which enables me to mix colors and textures and add modern calligraphy to create unique pieces of art with love and inspiration, commissioned by wonderful customers. 


From custom artwork to commissioned projects, I am excited to share with you as I continue this journey into Art + Calligraphy.