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Native Hawaiian indigenous plant: Hau botanical illustration
Kokio keokeo botanical illustration
Ihiihilauakea, the endemic, endangered Hawaii 4 leaf clover botanical illustration
Inspired by the flora and fauna of Hawaii, find a contemporary take on original botanical illustrations with modern calligraphy on notecards and planners,  featuring Hawaii's endemic and indigenous native plants printed with aloha as art prints and on beautiful handmade paper. 

Hawaiian Botanical Collection

modern Hawaiian botanical wrapped notecards

Available as individual prints/notecards and as sets.

the modern Hawaiian Botanical Collection consists of original native plant inspired illustrations with modern calligraphy
original red ohia lehua botanical illustration

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Start your day or week with a little aloha.

Check back regularly for a featured aloha planner page download or check the shop for many more. Original art and handwritten modern calligraphy combined with Lisa's executive organizational experience make the Aloha Planner Pages both creative and functional.


Yellow plumeria original artwork

Oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, resin, mixed media, digital
Commissions & custom projects

aloha - original handwritten modern calligraphy

Original art

painting and illustration

Handwritten modern


Design services
Commissions & custom projects
On-site, live events

Original a'alii artwork with M.K. Pukui 'Olelo No'eau
Lisa Miller, artist and calligrapher


Japan- inspired original watercolor artwork with modern calligraphy
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